Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

When I was a kid my coaches would show us various methods for us to kick a soccer ball. I can remember the first time my select coach took me to the back after practicing. He taught me how to cut. It was hard initially. It was humiliating and frustrating. I thought for several minutes that it would never happen. In the following weeks of work, it will begin to take up the ball. And then I’ll remember the following season, I was taller and my foot got larger. I wore size 12 shoes. size 12 shoe by the age of 12. Then I was unable to break the ball or do other things well. I was unsteady for about a year because of the rapid increase. It’s crucial that you learn what it takes to kick a soccer ball correctly and be aware that it takes time and keep working on it.

Proper mechanics matter more than power

Before you leave and begin using these tips for how to kick your soccer ball more forcefully, make sure that you’re hitting it correctly.

Much more important than kicking the ball is how we accomplish it.

It is important to keep your opposing arm should be separated away from the body and all knees bent.

When you’re kicking using your left arm, the left should be able to extend away from your body.

It is recommended that you are moving a little towards your left.

Leaning your body will help you achieve balance and allow the foot to be at a more favorable angle. It is the reverse when kicking using your right foot.

The position you place depends on whether you’re bent or using lacing.

If there are laces, then you’re shoe foot(opposite to the kicking foot) must be placed in the correct position. Do not get far enough near your foot but at least not too distant away. Don’t be too far in the front but not underneath your feet.

But wait… What’s the deal is it about lean forward to ahead as well as trying to get both feet onto the ground and landing onto the shooting foot.

All of this is more important than trying to hit the ball hard.

By bending the ball and putting it in a position to move further.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

The soccer ball being kicked with the laces for backspin

In addition to the push pass, In addition, this is what coaches would like for you to learn first.

There are players I think naturally learn or perform better by bent the ball by using the inside of their foot.

In the context of the game, there are usually 1 or 2 options for you to kick the ball.

Being stationary when compared to dribbling, and running on the ball is distinct.

When you strike with at the upper of your foot (laces) you would like the ball to move straight. Then, with at your hips, then place the top of your foot along with your shoulders to where you want the ball to be. Additionally, you must be able to keep the two knees bent slightly.

The more your lower leg is bent the higher you’ll be able to get underneath the ball and raise it high.

Check out the video below of me working with Sydney who is a University of Texas Longhorns player.

Syd has been training at my side since nine years old. We are still working to get the most crucial details sorted out.

This video below is a step toward getting off to the right foot.

The laces you tie are one of the main skills you need to master!

Watch this video below and notice how Sydney is able to lift her feet away from the ground.

Take note of the way she lands on the kicking foot. It’s not the only method for you to hit it with laces, but you have to practice the technique.

If an NCAA D1 player has to continue practicing then don’t you think that an older player should?

Once when you strike through, ensure that your legs, as well as your shoulders, remain in line with your target.

To increase your power and to assist in ensuring that to make sure that the legs do not complete their work for you, make sure you keep your core tight and flexed to help your core stay tight. Then place your foot as well as your body in the correct way close to the ball.

Check out below how we can work on muscle memory with the left foot.

When you get both feet off the ground when kicking

Absolutely most of the most effective techniques you could learn are to lift your feet above the ground.

One thing I’d like to ensure is that you don’t need to lift each of your feet away from the ground at every kick. I’ve seen videos of coaches instructing players they need to lift each of their feet up off of the ground.

The most important time to lift both feet off the ground is when you are running or running ahead. The momentum you generate will carry you forward as you strike it and will help you gain the body to lift more body weight to be lifted. This is why you will have an increase in power.

If you’re stationary it is hard to perform this and at times, it won’t make sense.

The bend of the ball using the inside the ball, it’s not common to be able to lift the two feet away from the ground. Watch the footage from David Beckham and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Another technique to master is stretching your legs outside. Sometimes, you’ll be able to lift your feet away from the ground and at other times, you don’t. Most of the time, it depends on the amount of momentum you carry.

Making sure you have the two feet away from the ground will give you more power

The reason you should lift the two feet away from the ground while you kick is to increase your power.

Take a moment to think about this…

When you kick the ball and only let your kicking foot go behind it, you’ll only be able to support the weight of one leg. If you lift your two feet above the ground it permits you to place all the body mass behind the ball.

A greater body mass behind the ball will result in increased power.

The growth spurts can mess up your game

The majority of children are eight, 10, and 12-years-old and are able to kick the ball high and far. But then all of a within weeks they are unable to kick the ball also.

Rapid growth spurts that occur suddenly can result in minor backwardness. The additional half-inch leg length can cause it to be completely different in terms of muscle memory, mechanics, and lifestyle.

Every year, kids all over the world are required to learn to kick the ball due to the rapid growth.

The majority of players learn in less period of time the things they’ve already learned.

What are the most selective players are thinking prior to the kick

Remember, I’ve taught private lessons to earn the last half of twelve years.

When I ask my kids (ages 11-15and above] when they’re planning to kick the ball they reply “I don’t know I’m just going hit the ball”.

It’s fine if the youngsters are aged between 8-10 years old But they’re 12-14 years old youngsters with good coaches at their clubs.

Soccer is a deep sport and there’s a lot to learn.

If you aren’t working independently, outside of team training, you will never learn the technique to become a habit. You’ll end up a player who just “kicks” rather than being able to correctly kick a soccer ball.

Why Can’t I Kick A Soccer Ball Far? 7 Remarkable Reasons

It’s true with me that soccer game is the majority of kicking. The first step is to kick the ball to pass it to your teammates. Then then, you kick the ball to score a goal. When you think you’ve scored the next step is to kick the ball again to kick a corner kick or a penalty kick.

There’s any soccer game without kicking the ball. As the ball is an integral component of the soccer game as well, the legs are essential to moving it around. ball around.

However, there are some players who have encountered issues kicking the ball, particularly at the long distance. This can cause a degree of anxiety in the affected players.

You might be in this category? This article will discuss the reason you’re experiencing this problem and the best ways to get over it. kick the ball across the long-distance as a professional.

Why Can’t I Kick A Soccer Ball Far?

There are many reasons it is possible to have this issue that isn’t only a problem for only you. For one, a lot of people are unable to make a good impression by kicking the ball properly.

In addition, they’ve not even achieved their goal to kick it over a long distance. There are a few reasons you aren’t able to kick the ball far enough:

1. A lack of a suitable technique

If you inform someone that you’re unable to kick your ball far enough, they’ll conclude you’re doing something wrong. A soccer ball is not just a way too requires strength and force, it’s more about technique.

Even if you have the power for you to kick the ball far enough you can, you’ll not kick it in the exact direction. It’s because it’ll be purely forced with no technique. Many people get the position of the body as well as the positioning of their feet wrong. They are therefore unable to kick the ball further.

One illustration is when you plan you kick the ball from your penalty area onto your opposition’s. And then, you see your ball going through the air and stop abruptly, not even in the middle. It’s a surprise because your goal was not accomplished even once.

Another scenario is where you are strong enough to kick the ball this is a long distance. However, instead of the ball being thrown towards your penalty box of the opponent instead, it lands in the stands.

But, when assessed by the measurement, your kick is roughly exactly the same as kicking an opponent’s ball out of the penalty area to the penalty box of the opponent. This is only forcing with absolutely no technique. Your efforts is wasted as the objective isn’t attained.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


If you do not possess the strength within your leg to kick a long ball without technique You must learn what it takes to kick the ball correctly. First of all, not all areas of the leg can be used to kick the ball to achieve the long distance.

One example is that your shoulders, as well as your body, should lean forward as you are kicking your ball. Additionally, there are different ways that your feet should be set.

If you’re in a position to kick a soccer ball, take a few steps towards the ball when it’s stationary. Don’t approach the ball in a straight manner, but instead form a curve.

When it appears that the ball has moved, push the ball slightly toward the front. In both cases, move a couple of steps towards the ball and then place your foot on top of the ball.

Place it in the direction you want to aim the ball. Use the sides of the dominant foot and the tip of the foot for the purpose of kicking the ball. Then, lean your shoulders and body towards the back when you are playing with the ball.

Extend your hand to gain balance. After that, kick the ball with a sense of direction and accuracy. Repeat the process until you have it perfect.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

2. The wrong set of shoe

Another reason you may not be able all to kick the ball far is that you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes for the exercise. If you ever see a player they are wearing a special pair of shoes, which assists them to kick the ball better and more effectively.

The other shoes would not be able to achieve a similar goal on the field as this particular piece. This kind of footwear is known as “boots. The boots are of a specific type that gives you total control and direction of the ball.

One instance of this is when you decide to put on an Oxford or Brogues shoe to play soccer ball. However, regardless of how good you shoot the ball, however, you may not achieve the perfect shot.

The reason is that this shoe isn’t the correct type to play with the ball. It is ideal to change it to a proper soccer boot. Another instance is getting an item that isn’t suitable for your feet because it’s larger than or less size.

It is difficult to hit your target efficiently due to your pressure is not as strong and your feet aren’t fully developed and efficient with these boots.

Spread your hands out to achieve balance. After that, kick the ball using a sense of direction as well as accuracy. Repeat the process until you have it perfect.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


The simplest answer is to get an appropriate boot to fit the exact size. There are times when you don’t find the perfect boot for you since “boot” is a broad name for a particular type of shoe.

You can visit any shoe shop within the United States and ask for soccer boots. If you’re outside the United States, you should request ‘football boots’ in the sense that soccer is referred to as ‘football’ in all of the rest world. world.

Be sure to test and feel the footwear to see whether they’re comfortable prior to you purchasing the pair. After you have purchased the right size of boot size and style, you are able to start kicking your soccer ball to the extent you’d like.

3. Under-pumped soccer ball

Sometimes, the issue may not be with you. It could be it’s the soccer ball. This soccer ball should be of appropriate air pressure to ensure that direction and air control are maintained.

When it is the case that the soccer ball has lesser air pressure, it won’t be able to travel this far, and won’t move at all. In addition, if you consider that your ball has skin that is thin it is unable to follow the direction of the wind since all air control would be gone.

Also, you need to make sure you possess a proper ball and the right air pressure inside the soccer ball. For instance, suppose you kick the ball that’s been sitting on the ground for weeks or weeks without pumping the ball or moving it.

The ball isn’t moving as far as you’d like it to. This is due to the air pressure inside the soccer ball would have been decreased. Additionally, that you can squeeze your soccer ball much more than is normal for the “standard soccer ball.”

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


The easiest solution is to inject air into the soccer ball in the event that it contains less air than what is recommended. It is recommended to remove the airtight seal in order to release some air and then make it back in the event that it is filled with air.

To determine the proper air pressure for a soccer ball, you should consider what kind of sports you’re playing. This will, in turn, depend on the soccer field.

Different soccer games use different soccer ball sizes as well as air pressure. So, once you’ve identified the kind of soccer you are playing, it is important to inquire about the suggested air pressurization for the ball.

In a professional soccer match for professional soccer, the air pressure should range from 8.5psi up to 15.6psi. It is possible to measure the air pressure with the air pressure gauge, or any other methods, such as bounce or squeeze methods.

4. Harsh Weather

Another reason you may appear to be having difficulty hitting the target is the weather. It is impossible to strike an extended distance in conditions of extreme wind.

Why? The weather may not be stable enough to allow the ball to move to the intended point. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on the weather every time you plan for a game that is soccer.

Professional soccer players delay their games when the weather turns adverse. This is because they realize that soccer is not just about skill and endurance.

They are aware of other elements like weather effects and whether they can participate as well and enjoy the game effectively. One example is taking a soccer ball to another end in the midst of a cyclone or heavy rain. The wind will indeed direct the ball in a different direction.

In the event of rain, the rain drops will affect the air control of the ball which would reduce its chances of reaching its desired place. The air is essential for the direction of the soccer ball, whether during training or during a game.

So, it is important to think about that every time you are planning to enjoy a stunning soccer game.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


Because you are unable to control the weather to behave as you would like, you have to be patient. It is essential to wait until the weather returns to a more peaceful state prior to playing your game.

If you are unable to wait this long an alternative is to opt for indoor soccer in which it is possible to control the conditions to ensure the ball’s trajectory. The drawback is that the field size may be smaller than you’d like. In the end, you might not get the chance for you to kick the ball as far as you’d like.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

5. The Pitch

The pitch is yet another reason you may not be capable of shooting the ball to the distance you would like. There are a variety of fields on which you can play the soccer game can be played.

If you are on a closed-off field like the one that is used in indoor soccer games, you could have a difficult time trying to shoot this far. The reason is that either the stand or enclosure is likely to block the shot.

Additionally, if the surface is uneven and sloppy is a factor in any game that is played on it. It must be in a good balance before a game or game of soccer can be played. For instance, if you are in a rough area and you have trouble kicking the ball precisely.

Your foot might hit an object prior to the time you kick the ball or the ball hits a rock before making its flight. This can influence the direction and direction, which could result in the ball moving a shorter distance instead of traveling a greater distance.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


The best way to fix a poor pitch is to move it to a more suitable pitch. This will ensure that you enjoy the game until the pitch is fixed and returned up to a level that is playable.

This will save players from suffering injuries and frustration. If players continue playing on the field there will be numerous injuries. In addition, fights will also develop out of anger when the ball isn’t moving as they’d like when kicking it.

6. The usage of your less dominant foot

Don’t employ the less powerful foot when you wish to get the best effect on the soccer ball. Your less dominant foot is lesser power in terms of technique than the more dominant.

It would take months to develop the less dominant foot before it is on par with the dominant foot. It is likely that you’ve tried your less dominant foot and the shot isn’t getting as well as you would like it to. Try switching to the alternative foot for a change, and notice the difference.

One example is when the dominant left-foot soccer player kicks the ball using their right foot. In addition to looking awkward and awkward, the kick is likely to be lesser powerful and technique than if kicked by the predominant left foot.

When the player utilizes a less dominant foot to kick a penalty kick or free kick the motion of the ball is likely to be sluggish. This means that there is a chance that the soccer ball might not get to the goalie’s spot before stopping.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


The answer is straightforward Use your dominant foot to kick your ball. If you want to kick the ball using your other foot it is necessary to work on it. This will help bring your foot to the same level as the dominant foot.

Training, such as running, kicking with that foot, and lifting heavy objects using the leg is all-important. Are you just beginning to learn about soccer? soccer game and you have no clue which one among the legs is your primary leg?

To give you an insight into your capabilities, carry through a “kicking test” using the ball at various times using your legs. You should notice the power of each leg and also which one you feel comfortable kicking.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique

7. Fitness and Health

Health and fitness are other factors that could make you find it difficult to kick the ball far enough. If you’re weak and have weak muscles, you might be unable to hard to kick the ball with the accuracy and force it requires.

There are times when you’re fit and well-nourished however, after long enough then you lose your strength quickly. It can be hard to kick as far and efficient as you wanted.

It would be helpful to be vigilant about your health since it’s vital to get maximum enjoyment out of playing soccer. For instance, if you’ve played running through the field and kicking your ball for a long time can make you exhausted and weak.

It might be difficult or nearly impossible to carry out any exercise in that period of time. That doesn’t mean you don’t have technique or power. However, you’re so weak that you are unable to carry these techniques effectively.

Another instance is to play ball while you’re sick. Whatever hard you attempt, you’re not fit to play the game. Therefore the kick will not get the ball too far. If you were fit and in good shape, you might be able to achieve your goal.


The best answer is to take care of yourself and improve your health. If you’re weak you need to be able to regain your strength before you attempt shooting at the ball.

If you’re sick, treat yourself and recover enough. You will need to recover that strength prior to being able to even touch the leather round ball to take a shot. Only by having good health and strength will you be able to achieve being able to get your soccer ball to move as far as you would like.

Soccer Ball Being Kicked. Step-By-Step To The Right Technique


This article addresses the question: “Why do I not kick a soccer ball further?’ We’ve offered a number of practical options for different reasons since we believe that everyone is able to hit with the ball in the same way, however hard and long as they like.

You must know the reasons why you aren’t immediately and begin working towards solving the issue. To find out why you must research each of the arguments that we’ve listed previously. We’re confident that you’ll find one that is applicable to you.

Once you have identified the reasons I am convinced that you are able to kick a soccer ball far as you want now. Best of luck!

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