CodyCross Act of Tossing Several Balls Into The Air

Act of tossing several balls into the air. CodyCross is a fun game created by Fanatee. Are you seeking endless fun in this thrilling game for the brain? Each world is home to more than 20 groups that have five puzzles per group. A few of them are Planet Earth, Under The Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Circus, Transports, and Culinary Arts. We have all of the answers to the game below. The latest feature of Codycross is that you are able to connect your game to another device and play on a different device. Simply sign in with Facebook as well as follow directions that are provided by your respective developers.

act of tossing several balls into the air

Yes, playing fanatee games is challenging and often very challenging. We are here to assist you. Our site is the top source for you to get CodyCross, all the act in tossing several balls into the air answers and additional information such as walkthroughs and strategies. You are able to find answers to the questions in the text below. Its material is copyrighted material.

CodyCross Game Description

Join CodyCross an alien friend that crashed onto Earth and relies on you to help him learn about the planet! Journey across time and space while you uncover the history of our planet and humankind’s achievements by solving themed puzzles.

Explore stunning landscapes and apply your skills and knowledge in the most unique word game that is where each right answer gets you one step closer to solving the puzzle and unlocking the secret phrase!


Explore beautiful worlds that are beautifully designed with thousands of challenges to compete for the most challenging crosswords.

Every year, new themes are introduced and genres that make even the most experienced puzzle enthusiasts.

Enjoy the fun as you test your skills through brain-training games.

Innovative gameplay that adds fresh new ideas to crossword puzzles.

Test your vocabulary skills with these brain-training games.

If you are stuck in a word game, in our word game you can make use of the power-up to show a letter.

Find crosswords and solve them to train your brain.

You can sync your progress across all devices, by joining Facebook.

Find crosswords to solve and play various levels offline if you do not have internet access (with only a few options).

There are tons of games for free in adventure mode or join for special packs within the word game.

How to Play

CodyCross Answers for Planet Earth – Group 2 (All Puzzles Solved!) - Common Sense Gamer

Answer the question, then tap the letters to create a word.

Answer all questions in the Group (level).

Find the solution to each problem and earn coins.

Trade tokens for hints.

CodyCross: Act Of Tossing Several Balls Into The Air

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