Top 5 Ankle Brace For Football

Football is an incredibly collision-based sport and the safety of the player and protection – all the way from head to toe is extremely vital. Today we will review the top 5 ankle brace for football.

In the absence of the appropriate protection equipment, most football players will eventually sustain an injury of some sort. While knee and concussions are among the most talked-about football injuries, ankle injuries are the 2nd most commonly reported injury during the sport. The majority of football ankle injuries are sustained when players are in contact by the blocking of or being tackled and others result from contact on a playing surface.

Particularly running backs are the ones who suffer the most strains on their ankles and receivers come in second. The most serious football ankle injuries occur in linemen after their ankle is stepped on or falls on. The result is an external rotation in the ankle and causes an elevated (syndesmotic) ankle injury. Ankle sprains that are high ankle sprains are more severe than lower ankle injuries which makes them more difficult to treat and takes a long time for healing.

Because excessive ankle sprains are so common (and because it is three times more in tape for an athlete as to purchase a brace to wear) Many teams are now requiring that their athletes wear braces to prevent injuries as a component of their protective equipment, such as shoulder pads or helmets. If it’s not something you’d want to wear at all times it is a good idea to wear it when the training.

Let’s look ankle brace for football?

What is an ankle brace?

Ankle brace for football

Simply put, it’s apparel that perfectly fits an athlete’s ankle to provide protection as well as immobilization.

It speedily heals because it allows the area to heal its own sprains as well as other injuries.

Ankle braces can also be used in the role of external supports to restrict movement like plantar flexion and inversion and create a sense of the location of your ankle joint in the space.

It is also used in cases of serious ankle injury.

It is vital to maintain ankle mobility, particularly in professional players, and avoid further damage.

This video is informative and shows what the ankle brace looks like, and also how they’re worn and removed

Three Keys to a Choosing the Best Football Ankle Support

After you’ve had an in-depth look at the top ankle supports that are suitable for football We’ll go over the factors that separate them from other supports. In reality, in the world of football, there are a lot of ankle supports don’t function correctly. Some are uncomfortable within your shoes Some are bulky and complicated, while others have become so bulky that they’ll make your first strike a nightmare and ruin your game. After looking through a myriad of ankle braces that we’ve found, here are our top tips for choosing the right ankle support that is suitable for football.


Ankle supports don’t do much when they’re not, supportive. If you’re playing football it is essential to have one that has adequate rollover protection to prevent you from injuring your ankle. The rolling of the ankle is the most frequent reason for an ankle injury in football, therefore your support is required to prevent over-pronation (where your foot moves inwards) as well as supination (where your foot moves outwards).


When footballers think of what they want for ankle support with a slim as well as a slim brace is what pops into the mind. The bulky ankle braces will not only make your most loved football boots They’ll hurt your first strike too. Through the years, you’ve mastered the art of using your foot to manage the ball and keep it in the right direction, so the last thing you need is to learn to manage the impact of new shapes sharp edges, sharp edges, and overly padding.


Although this is tied to our previous discussion also, we’re looking at materials that breathe and their breathability. If you’re wearing an ankle brace that is built for football it will have stays to offer to support both sides and doesn’t require an assembly made of stiff materials. These supportive stays permit football ankle supports to be constructed using cooling and flexible materials that allow you to move freely and remain at ease.

Top 5 Best Ankle Support For Soccer Reviews In 2022

1. Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

If you’re in search of something that is more supportive to your ankle due to recovering from an injury and you are looking for something that is more supportive, then Aircast A60 is a great alternative that provides fantastic ankle support when playing football.

One of the greatest advantages of the ankle brace is the Velcro strap, which offers more flexibility in how tight or loose you’d like your brace to be.

Sometimes, it is necessary to take a moment to unwind your brace. If you have shin pads and socks in place, you’ll be able to determine how tight or lose you’d like your brace to support your mobility.

However, if you play an intense game or you are on the other side of BIG tackles frequently, this support is an excellent alternative.

Key Features

Open heel supports mobility

Heavy-duty materials are ideal for contact sports

Light mesh to allow for airflow


  • Available in grey and black
  • From small to large, sizes are available.
  • Weighs less than 500g.
  • This is for the left and right foot
  • It is easy to put on and secure using a Velcro strap
  • Lightweight, but provides excellent protection from the rigors of tackles
  • It is a good choice for those seeking rehabilitation for ankle injuries.
  • The design is bulky and shows as bumps beneath your football socks
  • The A60 is a more costly alternative (approximately PS40)

2. Nike Ankle Sleeve 2.0 Pro

Nike Pro Support Open Ankle

The Nike Hyper-strong Striker is the rare combination of lightweight but heavy-duty to support your ankle from injuries and injury without affecting your mobility and movement while playing.

Its ankle brace uses high-quality materials to support your ankles while playing and you won’t feel like you’re wearing it until after a few games and training.

It’s also stylish and modern, which is why it’s not evident even if you’re wearing it over your football socks.

There are very only a few ankle guards specifically designed for football however the Hyper-strong is among the top to be used in this sport.

Key Features

Spandex material is flexible and easy to wear

Material made of nylon for comfort

The material is made of ceramic and is used to cover the ankle to provide support

Mesh panel supports airflow


  • Available in sizes X-small up to X-large.
  • Available for right and left feet.
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Slimline design
  • Close fit provides outstanding support
  • Light and comfortable materials
  • Long Stretchy spandex material provides support easy to attach your foot.
  • A smaller design means that you might require one shoe size larger to ensure an ideal size.
  • If you have feet that are larger the brace might not be suitable for you.

3. Adidas Performance Climacool Ankle Support

Adidas Performance Climacool Ankle Support

The Adidas Performance Climacool appears modern and has been designed specifically to aid in player RECOVERY without limiting your movement while playing.

Special materials have been chosen for this performance Climacool ankle support which reduces the chance of injury and strain upon your ankle.

The single knit design creates a comfortable and breathable sensation to the brace and is simple to slip on your foot.

Its Performance Climacool also looks great and doesn’t even stand out when worn beneath your football socks.

Key Features

4-way stretch fabric gives you an aerating experience

Climacool technology wicks sweat away

Knitted panel design

A flexible band gives adequate support and keeps the ankle in position

Made of Polyamide, Polyester and Elastane


  • Available in sizes ranging from Large. Available in sizes from
  • Available only in black
  • A single sleeve comes per pack
  • It is suitable for right and left feet
  • The elasticity of this brace allows you to move freely, but it additionally supports the ankle.
  • Flexible materials create the brace easy to wear and remove.
  • Soft fabric and soft material contribute to the extra comfort and light feel.
  • Due to a tight fit, you might have to buy a brace that is one size bigger than your shoe size.
  • An expensive alternative in comparison to comparable models (approximately PS20).

4. Active Ankle Volt Brace

Active Ankle Volt, Rigid Ankle Brace for Injured Ankle Protection & Sprain Support

On first inspection at first, at first glance, the Active Ankle Volt Brace looks unwieldy and a bit out of date.

There are numerous straps and parts of this brace that help keep your feet in place. Don’t be deceived by how it appears since the active ankle brace is EFFECTIVE.

Its hinge brace is among the most effective components since it aids in maintaining the natural movement of your feet.

The stirrups and footplates appear at first glance, but give you support. support needed to keep the foot as well as your ankle in the right position.

There is plenty of padding in the brace and the plastic outer cover provides additional protection.

Although it might feel awkward at first when you put it underneath your sock, once put into the boot or shoe the brace provides the most effective protection you can get.

Key Features

The lightweight footplate and stirrups hold the foot in place and offer additional support to the foot along with your ankle.

The hinge design helps the foot to move easily while wearing braces. brace and also provides additional mobility.

The plastic outer layer gives support as well as protection from impacts or tackles.


  • It is available for shoe sizes 5 up to size 16
  • Only available in black colour.
  • Velcro strap to secure in place
  • One pack per package that is suitable for right and left feet.
  • The Hinge style supports it to support the natural movement of your foot and ankle to provide maximum support and mobility.
  • A lot of padding and cushioning over every part of the ankle to protect against impact from contact with tackles.
  • A lighter weight is something you will hardly feel the difference when wearing the brace under the soccer socks as well as boots.
  • It can be difficult to put on initially. The brace must be inserted inside the shoe prior to the foot being put into your shoe.
  • A break-in period is needed since the brace is stiff and is difficult to wear initially.
  • One of the more costly alternatives to purchase ankle braces.

5. Modetro Sports Ankle Brace

Modetro Sports Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve w/Free Ankle Strap-Achilles Tendon Support, Ankle Support for Ligament Damage

If you’re looking to wear an unnoticeable ankle brace that is able to be worn seamlessly beneath your socks, while giving you great support and support, then the Modetro is an excellent option.

Its brace is so light that you will barely notice it once you put it onto the foot.

But, it works great, and the top-quality materials aid in providing comfort.

There isn’t any additional padding or material to protect the ankles against contact or injury within this brace therefore if you choose the Modetro brace, make sure that you are just looking for support to protect the ankle against sprains and strains.

Key Features

Made of very light compression fabric.

Small Velcro strap is attached to the upper sleeve, to provide support

The 4-way compression sleeve supports mobility

Breathable knitted design


  • Small to XL sizes are available.
  • Right, and left foot sleeves are contained in one pack.
  • Black is the only color available.
  • It comes with an additional strap for additional support If needed.
  • Very comfy and very breathable
  • An alternative that is less expensive, but without compromising its quality (approximately PS9)
  • This sleek design is easy to put on and remove and it also looks contemporary.
  • The product isn’t so heavy duty as alternative options It may not be suitable in the case of recuperating of injury to your ankle injury.
  • When the Velcro is removed once the Velcro has been removed, this support will feel very snug on the foot or ankle.

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