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Best Soccer Shorts

Shorts for soccer are among the most essential items of clothing that a soccer player should wear. It is crucial to wear one of the best soccer shorts so that the player is at ease, but also enjoys the most effective performances on the pitch.

The shorts must be constructed from breathable materials to allow air to flow through them effortlessly. This helps keep the player dry and cool throughout the game. The fabric should be tough and durable to avoid tearing or ripping when performing specific actions or running anywhere.

The size of soccer shorts is also vital as they have to be able to fit comfortably on every body type of the player. An insecure pair of shorts may cause difficulties for certain players trying to perform quick turns or sprints across the field during game time.

Best Brands of Soccer Shorts

Nike, Adidas, Puma or Under Armour | Athletic, Under armour, Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Nike

Top 10 Best Soccer Shorts

Top 10 Best Soccer Shorts  
10Vizari Dynamo Soccer Shorts
9Nike Hertha Youth Soccer Shorts
8Adidas Performance Striker Athletic Men’s Short
7Adidas Performance Tastigo 15 Youth Shorts
6Under Armour UA Tech Graphic Shorts Academy/Steel MD 10
5CompressionZ Men’s Performance Compression Shorts (Best Compression Shorts for Soccer)
4Under Armour Boys’ Golazo 2.0 Soccer Shorts (Best Boys’ Soccer Shorts)
3Adidas Men’s Core18 Training Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts with Pockets)
2Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts (Best Women’s Soccer Shorts)
1Adidas Men’s Squadra 21 Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts for Men)

10. Vizari Dynamo Soccer Shorts

best soccer shorts

The Vizari Dynamo Shorts are the best soccer shorts for someone looking for a functional yet affordable pair of training shorts. It is available in six different hues, and you can also find it in different sizes. The short has a white stripe on the side that makes them look even classier. Vizari’s soccer shorts stand out as the best model because aside from being cheap, they are made with high-quality material that guarantees you comfort throughout your training session.

9. Nike Hertha Youth Soccer Shorts

best soccer shorts

You want to consider these blue pair of shorts by Nike if you’re looking for the best soccer shorts with Dri-Fit Technology. Besides, if you don’t prefer the blue shade, you have room to choose from ten other colors to get a pair that matches your taste. The polyester shorts are machine washable, lightweight, and super comfortable.
They are equally appealing to the eyes and have a horizontal stripe on the posterior of both legs. The Nike Hertha Soccer Shorts should truly be your first choice if you want to concentrate on nothing more than the training at hand.

8. Adidas Performance Striker Athletic Men’s Short

best soccer shorts

Adidas gives you the freedom to choose from three different shades and two varying sizes to get a comfortable fitting pair of shorts for your training. The bold contrast color screams elegance while the high-quality soft knit fabric ensures you stay comfortable while training in the field. The pair, Striker13, further features Clima cool technology that ensures you stay dry and cool. The mesh soccer short has an elastic waist, and the Adidas logo on the left hem gives it an eye-catching look.

7. Adidas Performance Tastigo 15 Youth Shorts

best soccer shorts

The Adidas Tastigo 15 pair of black and white shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester material. What makes it the best soccer shorts is the dye, the new dyeing technique that helps save at least 25L of water. The black and white shade isn’t the only pair to settle for. You can choose from a variety of colors available when you consider buying these shorts by Adidas. The shorts feature Clima-cool that ensures proper heat and moisture management through ventilation. The embroidered brand logo adds a nice finish to the already elegant pair of shorts.

6. Under Armour UA Tech Graphic Shorts Academy/Steel MD 10

best soccer shorts

Material Wicks Sweat & Dries Fast

UA Tech Fabric Is Quick-Drying, Ultra-Soft & Has a More Natural Feel

Mesh Hand Pockets

Inseam: 10″

Encased Elastic Waistband with internal drawcord

5. CompressionZ Men’s Performance Compression Shorts (Best Compression Shorts for Soccer)

best soccer shorts

You can enjoy the advantages of compression fabrics, but with the comfort of shorts! CompressionZ shorts are designed to provide support to your muscles while not limiting your movement. They’re lightweight comfortable, breathable, and machine washable, so you are able to get them off quickly after your soccer exercise.

CompressionZ is the best solution for eliminating any pains, aches, or cramps that may occur in your lower body as exercising. They are constructed with a tight compression fabric created to aid in improving circulation. The triple zipper is convenient when putting shorts off and on.

They’re great for training such as cycling, running, soccer game, or any other sport that calls for a lightweight and breathable top layer. Benefit from compression shorts without putting up with discomfort.

Keep cool and compression-ready. An ultra-low-profile lightweight Microfiber Running Shorts to meet all your needs. It wicks sweat, breathes, stretches & dries quickly. It is the perfect base layer to wear for training or casual wear.

Made with the most sophisticated four-way stretch fabric, CompressionZ men’s Compression Shorts make the ideal base layer. Our rowing shorts are made of an elastane-spandex mix for the greatest mobility, in addition to enhancing comfort and increasing circulation of blood. Fabrics that are tighter help prevent injuries and speed up recovery and allow you to get back to running faster.

Men of any shape and dimensions have the ability to wear compression shorts all day long without getting sweaty or looking wrinkled. Spend less money on costly uncomfortable shapewear. You are entitled to wear the top!

  • Provides firm compression to glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  • A quality blend of nylon and spandex makes it easily movable and flexible.
  • Seams, cut and fit are excellent
  • The waistband might be unsecured along the channel of the waistband.

4. Under Armour Boys’ Golazo 2.0 Soccer Shorts (Best Boys’ Soccer Shorts)

best soccer shorts

With a high waistband and a strong, durable fabric, these Golazo shorts are perfect for long days on the field. These shorts will wick sweat away from the body and dry quickly to help give you a more comfortable game.

These shorts offer the ideal combination of comfort and performance. They have the elastic closure for an easy slip-on and are designed to move along with your body. The fabric is water-resistant and quick-drying, so you can wear them for the entire day without having to worry about getting sweaty or smelling.

If it’s playing soccer or playing in the backyard the Golazo Shorts from Under Armour are designed to provide all-day comfort. Made of lightweight HeatGear fabric designed to be breathable and strong so that your kid can remain in the field. These shorts feature an inseam of 9” to ensure he’s covered and dry. Dri-FIT material wicks sweat away to keep cool. Pick from four different colors to ensure he’s comfy and stylish at the same time.

designed for the toughest and longest hours in the field and in the field, these athletic shorts are engineered to wick sweat away from your skin and dry fast. They have an elastic waistband with a drawstring that ensures an easy, secure fit. The leg openings fold up to provide an elegant look with no added weight. The inseam measures 7 inches.

  • DryFit technology provides all-day relaxation
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the development of microbes that cause odor.
  • HeatGear fabric is designed to draw sweat out of your body.
  • It has An elastic waistband for a guaranteed snug fit
  • Machine washable to ensure easy maintenance and a flattering, long-lasting shape that lasts.
  • The size chart isn’t crystal clear.

3. Adidas Men’s Core18 Training Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts with Pockets)

best soccer shorts

Introducing the Adidas Core18 short. A blend of comfort and style, this short will be your go-to when looking for a reliable garment for workouts or everyday wear. The soft, stretchy fabric offers you the freedom to move around while staying comfortable.

The Core18 shorts are made of stretchy material for the most comfortable and flexible shape. The shorts come with drawstring waistbands with the printed Adidas logo on the left left leg and a printed Adidas Athletics logo on the right side, along with mesh briefs that keep cool. The shorts also feature three stripes on the back of the leg as well as reflective accents.

Make sure you are ready for your workout regardless of the weather. A brand new Adidas Climalite fabric with a new design keeps you dry and comfortable during any sport. The shorts have been designed to ensure your body temperature is maintained at an appropriate level.

If you’re an avid soccer player and want to look your best, these shorts are all you’ll need! They not only have all the pockets for storing your personal items They’re also cozy and lightweight. The black color aids in darkening the lower part of your body to avoid sunburn, and the material is waterproof.

The ideal soccer training partner in the gym or playing on the playing field. These shorts can help keep you focused and comfortable through a myriad of exercises. Climacool technology helps draw sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and focused during your training, and an open-front seam on the side allows the freedom to move freely.

  • Great length and great fit
  • Great for soccer practice
  • The material is thinner and easier to move using
  • Have pockets
  • Size issues, might not be suitable for players who are heavy or adult players.

2. Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts (Best Women’s Soccer Shorts)

best soccer shorts

You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all when you wear the Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts. These go-to shorts are made with 100% polyester for all-day comfort and feature a drawstring closure.

The Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts are the most comfortable shorts you’ll own! The drawstring closure keeps things in place, and the polyester fabric will ensure that these last for many years. This is an essential piece of clothing for any summer activities including spending time on the beach or watching your most loved sport.

Comfortable on the field is crucial this is the reason Adidas’ technology for wicking has you covered. Parma 16 shorts are made of sweat-wicking material that is comfy to wear for long periods of time. They have an elasticated waistband with a drawcord to provide a secure fit, while mesh ventilation in both the rear and in an additional back pocket offer ample ventilation. The shorts also feature an embossed Adidas brand logo in the left-hand front pocket.

If you’re looking for something to keep you active or just relax at the gym, the Adidas Parma16 Shorts are a perfect choice. They’re made with a women-specific shape and are breathable to keep you cool. The fabric also provides an easy-to-wear feel, so you can concentrate on the things that matter.

The Adidas Parma shorts are made to fit your active lifestyle. With a drawcord around this elastic waist and climate-friendly fabric which swabs sweat off your skin and your body, these women’s athletic shorts will be your top choice for sports throughout the year.

  • Drawstring closures: stop clothing from falling off and showcase your fashion sense.
  • Machine wash: simple maintenance for your active life.
  • Soft sweat-wicking fabric that wicks sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable and dry.
  • The perfect fit for women feminine cut to flatter the shape of a woman.
  • Adjustable drawcords that can be adjusted on the elastic waistband for custom comfort and a secure fit. secure fit.
  • Machine washable to make it easy to clean
  • The fabric could be thin

1. Adidas Men’s Squadra 21 Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts for Men)

best soccer shorts

You had a rough morning. But it’s time to get your head in the game. A nice set of shorts will help you look good and feel good on the field. The Squadra Shorts by Adidas, for men, will keep you dry and comfortable, they are high-quality soccer shorts.

A fresh take on the uniform of your team Shorts made from a lightweight fabric with a feel as comfortable as the jersey you’ve always worn.

Reflecting the most recent advancements in recycled materials, our Primegreen clothing line is made of different recyclable or recycled materials to create extremely durable and flexible clothing.

With drawstring closures at the waistband to allow for drawstring closure on the waistband to provide an adjustable fit. The men’s Squadra Shorts are styled with Adidas iconic 3-stripes. the Adidas logo at the top of the left leg, and Adidas branding on the outside of the sleeve.

If you’re out on the field or watching your favorite football game in the comfort of your home these lightweight Men’s Squadra Shorts are sure to keep you dry and cool. With an extra-long inseam, they offer plenty of coverage to shield your legs against the elements. The moisture-absorbing AEROREADY keeps you dry and cool and mesh inserts on the sides allow for ventilation.

  • Fantastic shorts ideal for soccer training
  • Flexible and easy to wear Comfortable and flexible
  • The device will ensure you stay dry and cool.
  • Don’t be carrying pockets

How to Choose Soccer Shorts (Buying Guide)


Soccer players can choose from a vast variety of sizes of shorts to pick from. The shorts differ in material length, style, and length.

Selecting the correct soccer shorts size is vital since it will greatly impact what you can do on the field. In the event that your football shorts have become either too tight or loose, you’ll feel discomfort and will lose some mobility.

If they’re just right and you’re in good shape, you’ll be able to kick freely and be more agile without having to worry about your shorts falling off!

The ideal size of shorts you can wear as a goalie will depend on the type of goalkeeper you are and what position you are playing. Goalkeepers in soccer wear different kinds of equipment thus the length and the fitting are different for every kind of goalie.

Goalkeepers who get up and step off their lines tend to wear long pants. Goalkeepers who play for the majority of the time are likely to wear shorts that are near the knee or less.


Shorts for soccer are made from various materials, and each one has pros and pros.

The material is among the primary aspects to be considered when buying soccer shorts. The material can not only impact durability and comfort but also prevent injuries.

There are a variety of materials that are used to make soccer shorts. Examples include spandex, nylon, polyester cotton, wool, and spandex. Each comes with its own advantages and drawbacks that buyers must be aware of prior to making a decision about a purchase.

The material used in soccer shorts should not be too thick to not hinder your movement however, they should not be too thin, so they don’t expose your bottom if you bend your knees.


The shorts for soccer are made of breathable fabric that is fitted close to the skin so that players enjoy the full range of movement. They shouldn’t be too tight, however, they shouldn’t be too big.

Appropriate fitting soccer shorts is important because it affects the level of comfort a player has and how they can perform on the field.

Gym Shorts vs Soccer Shorts

Teams and teams at colleges wear soccer shorts for their games and practice. Soccer is a very popular game throughout America. The United States. Teams could wear soccer shorts to compete practice, for training, or simply socialize.

Gym shorts are a popular choice while working out. They are available in a variety of designs and colors like blue and white stripes, or green with brown dots. A few people wear them for pajamas at home after a tiring day at school or at work.

Soccer shorts are designed to snugly fit around the legs of the player, while gym shorts are looser on the body. This makes them much easier to move while exercising or playing sports.

You may not be aware of the distinction between these two kinds of shorts. The first is usually worn during activity after showering, and the other is designed for gym use.

Soccer shorts are generally made of cotton and feature larger leg openings that help players be successful in their chosen sport. Gym shorts, on contrary, are shorter and made of synthetic materials. They’re also not as slack and large in comparison to soccer shorts and do not provide adequate coverage for those that prefer to wear them post-workout, too.

Do soccer shorts supposed to be higher than your knee?

Are soccer shorts required to be worn above the knee? It is a simple answer. Soccer is a highly-accelerated sport and it is crucial that players be able to run and kick without restriction. But it is the CTFA (a body that oversees soccer equipment) suggests that shorts shouldn’t go higher than three inches above the knee.

What is the material used for soccer shorts?

The soccer shorts are usually comprised of nylon, cotton spandex, polyester or.
The materials used to create soccer shorts are commonly cotton nylon, nylon, polyester or spandex. Shorts for soccer are usually constructed from one of these fabrics.
FIFA has established guidelines for the materials that are able to go in soccer shorts. They should be made from 100 100% polyester.

What is the reason why soccer shorts are so long?

The length of the soccer shorts might be due to the fact that they’re made of lightweight fabric which reduces the possibility of injuries.
The lengthy soccer shorts do not offer an adequate amount of protection from the sun, but. They make it hard for players to clearly identify the other players during a game and for fans to keep track of what’s happening.

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