Knee Slide: Here is How Soccer Players Do It!

Knee Slide: Here is How Soccer Players Do It!

Football is without a doubt home to some of the most legendary minutes in sporting history.

After scoring an objective, the vast bulk of professional players likes to mark the occasion by performing a party that not just shows their joy on their own and their colleagues, yet additionally as a method of recognizing as well as giving thanks to the fans for their ongoing support.

Among the most common football ceremonies that you’ll see– whether you’re inside the arena or viewing the game from a residence on the telly– is the renowned knee slide.

Knee Slide: Here is How Soccer Players Do It!

A knee slide celebration is performed first of all by speeding up onward, before bending the knee of one leg so as to get closer to the ground and cushion the surface effect, and after that tilting the upper body backwards to enhance the movement as well as reduce friction.

Then the movement nears its orgasm with the other leg utilized to perform the first touchdown by way of the foot’s bridge. When this leg comes in contact with the ground, the contrary leg then gently hits the grass, after which the real sliding commences with speed preserved by strengthening the reverse placing of the upper body.

Now that sequence can be a lot to take in for those not familiar with the complexities of celebratory techniques.

So, in the rest of the write-up, I’ll record the process of every step of the method.

Nevertheless, prior to that, I believed it would certainly be necessary to speak about where the knee slide stemmed from.

Who started the soccer players’ slide celebration?

Manchester United followers will lovingly keep in mind when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came off the bench to rack up the victor against German titans Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League last.

He covered his goal and cameo efficiency with a brief yet incredibly enthusiastic knee slide which– subject to official verification by football’s document keepers– appears to have been the first aired circumstances of the movement occurring.

It’s likewise fairly fitting that the gamer who perhaps sealed the knee slide celebration psychological of fans across the globe is in the discussion for being one of the greatest premier organization forwards of perpetuity.

Knee Slide: Here is How Soccer Players Do It!

Step by step process to execute a perfect knee slide

The knee slides in soccer is divided into 2 phases:

  • the landing phase
  • the sliding phase

The landing phase is when the player lands their lower legs as well as their knees on the ground, and also the second stage is when they slide forward on their lower legs and their knees.

The landing phase can often create some damage to the gamer if the gamer isn’t careful sufficient when they are landing, so if you wish to try to slide on your knees when you score a goal, make certain to land correctly to avoid any type of feasible injuries.

1- Gain enough speed by running forward

For the knee slide to function, the gamer needs to have a great deal of speed prior to landing on the ground and performing the slide, otherwise, the player won’t slide a long distance due to the friction with the grass.

Because of this, the gamer starts running with enough speed for the slide to go well.

2- Bend the knee of the leg that’s touching the ground

This action is the very first step in the landing phase. The gamer begins the landing by bending the knee of the leg that’s touching the ground while they’re running, allowing’s to presume that this is their left leg.

The reason they do this is to move their knees (and their entire upper body) closer to the ground to make sure that they reduce the stamina of the influence with the ground. If the gamers simply jump high up as well as land quickly on their lower legs as well as their knees, after that they might harm their knees as a result of the solid effect with the ground.

3- Draw the upper body backward

After the soccer player bends their left knee to plan for the landing, they begin moving their upper body backwards to ensure that they reduce the impacts of the air friction that can slow them down.

4- Landing on the foot’s bridge

After the gamer bends their left knee, they utilize their other leg to begin the touchdown on the ground. Particularly, they utilize the foot’s bridge to touch the ground and after that allow the rest of their right lower leg as well as their ideal knee to touch the ground.

As soon as the right lower leg is available in contact with the ground, they land the various other lower leg on the ground also, and also the sliding forward begins.

5- Flex the upper body additionally back.

Now, the player is already sliding forward since they obtained enough speed by running and due to the fact that both of their lower legs, as well as their knees, are now on the ground.

While they are sliding the players move their upper body backwards much more to ensure that they maintain their sliding speed as much as feasible.

Note that this is one of the manner ins which soccer players slide on their knees. There are most definitely other manner ins which this can be done, for instance. Some players just go straight for a touchdown on both of their lower legs instead of touchdown one at a time which can be more dangerous if they aren’t cautious sufficient.

If you wish to slide on your knees yourself to celebrate a goal, then right here are some quick ideas for you.

Things you should know before you attempt a knee slide in soccer

1- Try not to arrive on your knees initially

A lot of your lower leg is protected with a shin guard as well as your foot is shielded by your shoes, however, your knee generally isn’t secured by anything so you intend to ensure that you do not come down on it immediately. Rather, arrive at your lower leg and afterward allow your knee to touch the ground and also slide forward.

2- Do not jump high prior to your landing

Some soccer players jump ahead when they land simply to obtain additional speed to slide even more. This can be alright, yet try your ideal not to jump high and after that arrive on your knees because the higher the height of the jump, the more probable that your knees get hurt.

3- Distribute your weight over your whole lower legs and also not just your knees.

While you are sliding, you want to enhance the location of your body that is touching the ground. This way, you’ll disperse your weight much better as well as you will not hurt your legs when sliding. So make sure that your whole lower leg is touching the ground as well as not just your knee.

4- Make sure that there aren’t any kind of obstacles in the area

If you are not 100% sure that the field is comprised of natural/hybrid grass and there aren’t any small rocks inside the field, then it’s better if you do not attempt a knee slide at all.

Why do soccer players not get hurt when they slide on their knees?

Generally, soccer players do not get hurt when they slide on their knees, otherwise, their managers wouldn’t even let them do it at all. Nonetheless, some gamers do get hurt when they do it wrong or when the surface that they are performing it on isn’t appropriate.

Right here are a couple of reasons that make the knee slide safer than you would certainly expect:

1- The soccer field grass

Many soccer fields are either made up of natural grass or crossbreed grass. Sliding on these kinds of turfs is a lot easier than sliding on man-made grass.

2- The area grass is usually wet throughout games.

Before a specialist soccer suit starts, and also during the halftime of the match, the grass of the field is sprinkled utilizing the watering systems that are installed in the soccer area.

Knee Slide: Here is How Soccer Players Do It!

This suggests that the grass that expert soccer players play on is usually a little bit wet. The water on the grass decreases the friction between the grass and the player’s legs that making the knee slide a little bit safer.

3- The sweat of the gamer

The sweat of the soccer player after running a lot throughout the match also lowers the friction between the grass as well as the player’s legs throughout a knee slide.

4- The adrenaline and the excitement of the gamers

The players feel a great deal of enjoyment when they rack up a goal, and the adrenaline that is generated by their bodies can help them not feel any kind of pain when they perform a knee slide after they rack up.

As this article states, the adrenaline that the body creates generally reduces the capability of the body to feel pain, and also this aids the gamers in performing the knee slide celebration without really feeling any discomfort in their knees during the rest of the match.

With that said said, I will certainly finish my article here. Below’s a quick recap of what you have actually just checked out.


The knee slide is a popular celebration made use of safely by many elite soccer players, the primary factor to consider the gamers have to make is the weather. The wetter as well as flatter, the grass surface, the much less chance of injury the player will have. Players who play grassroots or on community-based pitches must bear in mind the surface areas they are playing on and also if the surface is also bobbly or the grass is too thick, then the knee slide might not be the very best method to celebrate their goal as the gamer will have a greater possibility of grazing their skin or wounding a body component.

If you do want to knee slide then attempt not to believe too much regarding the strategy, simply surprise your position as well as obtain the flat surface areas of the shins onto the grass initially to enable a fast slide, particularly if you are on wet surfaces detailed around, I hope this write-up has actually been informative for you, HAPPY KNEE SLIDING.

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