The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

3 The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

It is often said”practice makes perfect” or “practice makes perfect”.

The meaning of this expression is appropriate when it comes to playing football and especially when I think about my youth when I was able to play the game on a far more regular and regular basis than I do today.

In the beginning, the way I was able to manipulate the ball with a high degree of accuracy was large because of the numerous training sessions for target with my friends. We were able to play games that were 5 or 6 away using stones the size of bricks for goal posts.

The ability to get these targets helped my shooting without a doubt and I developed a respect for the dedication shown by professional shooters such as David Beckham, who perfected the art of free-kick-taking by practicing each day.

In this article, I’m going to provide an extensive review of the most effective football mannequins that players can make use of to improve their skills in dead-ball scenarios.

From the extensive study, I’ve managed complete, I’ve narrowed my options into a viable three:

FORZA Football Free Kick Reinforced PVC MannequinsFORZA Reinforced PVC MannequinsJunior or Senior sizes

Integrated ground spikes
FORZA Spring Back MannequinsHeight of 5 feet

Spring loaded slalom poles
Ziland Academy Football Free Kick MannequinZiland Academy Football MannequinBuilt in ground spikes

Optional weighted base

The FORZA Reinforced PVC Mannequins are able to emerge from the top and from a distance.

The Net World Sports brand is well-known for its creation of top football structures such as goal posts. This particular mannequin set has been carefully constructed for use all year long using the most durable material to ensure they won’t become swept off easily by powerful winds.

1. FORZA Football Free Kick Reinforced PVC Mannequins

The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice
    • ESSENTIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT: These football free-kick mannequins are the best way to improve the set-piece technique. Learn to bend it against the wall by using this set of football practice dummies.
    • JUNIOR AND SENIOR SIZE: Choose between junior or senior training mannequins to most suit your requirements. These dummies for free kicks will be suitable for youth groups as well as senior players as well.
    • Highly durable mannequins: Having been manufactured using a tough PVC body and a 24in wide chest plate that has been molded and a sturdy chest plate, these football mannequins aren’t damaged from regular usage.

    What’s most impressive with the FORZA mannequins can be the high-quality polyvinyl chloride that they’re constructed from and designed to withstand an avalanche of hits together with a molded chest piece of 60 centimeters that offers excellent protection against those incredibly powerful football impact ricochets.

    The fluorescent yellow color lets people see clearly these free-kick dummies at all times of the year even in hazy or cold winter conditions when visibility isn’t as good.

    In addition, they are mannequins that have four steel spikes, which are believed to increase the stability of the structure and provide security in the event of being inserted into soft surfaces such as grass.

    As a purchaser is also an option of picking between junior or senior mannequin options and the former measuring at 5’4 inches and 4′, while the latter at an impressive 6 feet.

    They’re also not exempted, as their FORZA Football Mini-Free Kick Mannequins measure four feet high and are ideal for those who are taking their first steps in the game.

  • Buyers can choose one mannequin or three mannequins. pack of three
  • High visibility makes them perfect to use throughout the year.
  • Excellent quality build quality
  • Quite expensive

 2. FORZA Spring Back Football Free Kick Mannequin

The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice
  • A few gusts of wind are capable of blowing these mannequins over and over, which isn’t ideal in any practical sense, and could restrict their use to sunshine only.The FORZA set pieces of dummies are available in 3 pieces in a pack of three – measure 5 feet tall (1.5 meters) and consist of a light but sturdy mesh sleeve as well as 2 slalom poles that sit in a row.It’s truly unique in that the mesh sleeve absorbs the impact of balls struck against it and bounces them back to the free kicker, allowing players to fine-tune their shooting by reversing the ball in addition to dead-ball situations.The slalom poles have springs which also means that the model wall is elastic enough to slide down towards the ground and then rise back up smoothly and saving you the hassle of having to carry the mannequin-like you would with other traditional designs.In addition, the poles are fitted with spikes on the lower tips, making them ideal to use on grass as well as the like soft surfaces.

    Installation is also very simple and is only a couple of minutes. They offer great mobility because of the possibility of them being folded up into a customized carry bag to store items or for transport.

  • Simple assembly thanks to the spikes of metal that are located near the edges
  • The price is moderate. point
  • Spring-loaded poles do away with the need to carry and carry the mannequin after it is struck in the ball
  • A few gusts of wind are capable of blowing these mannequins over and over, which isn’t ideal in any practical sense, and could restrict their use to sunshine only.

3. Ziland Academy Football Free Kick Mannequin

The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

The mannequin is constructed with tubular frames. It is built-in ground spikes that are used to set the mannequin securely to its position on grass surfaces.

It doesn’t need any complicated assembly and also users have the option of putting on an adjustable weighted base in the event that they want to utilize this mannequin on synthetic surfaces or Astro.

In terms of color combinations, consumers have the option of a stylish black-yellow or white-black combo.

In the final analysis, when it comes to the in-ground height there are three options:

  • 122cm (4 feet)
  • 160cm (5 feet 4 inches)
  • 180cm (6 feet)
  • A simple assembly is required using the standard ground spikes
  • A great alternative for those with an extremely tight budget
  • Solid enough to be not blown away by wind gusts
  • The base that is weighted base can be difficult to connect to the body of the mannequin

Another option for budget-conscious buyers comes in a bright, green shade that is a great option for those competing at the junior stage.


The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

The majority of these pieces of equipment include a strong body design and rubber base which helps hold the mannequin solidly in place when set to the ground.

Since the base is typically detachable moving it to different pitches or to other locations is easy, since the mannequins aren’t necessarily weighty to carry.

Other models include steel spikes incorporated in the bottom that provides incredible durability for when inserted into soft surfaces like natural grass.

The spikes work like candles on birthday cakes in that you can pull them out and then move around the mannequin structure to another area of the pitch with ease.

Simple storage

The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

With football equipment of this size such as that, players typically face challenges with storage.

The last thing you want to do is to leave your mannequin out in the yard even when it’s not being used because long exposure to sunlight has been confirmed for polyvinyl chloride – the substance that mannequins are typically made of and discolors.

Since mannequin bodies are slim and thin, they are simple to slip between items like shelves and consume the smallest amount of area on the floor because they are designed to resemble the shape and the shape of the human body which is a challenge that a free-kick-taker must traverse.

Excellent simulation

The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

Mannequins enable players to recreate the game’s environment in a real match.

You can improve your kick-taking skills by placing 4 or 5 of them side-by-side in a vertical direction and trying to spin the ball in either direction, above or below them while you try to aim at the open goal which is located right in front of you.

However, their usage isn’t just restricted to free kicks, because you can set basic corner routines using these as well.

One of my dislikes is watching full-time professionals struggle to make it through the ball over the first man in a corner kick.

Set some mannequins in the 18-yard and 6-yard boxes You can improve the precision of your corner taking by shooting them at the flag at the corner.

Considerations to make prior to purchasing a football mannequin

At this point, I’ll discuss some of the factors buyers must consider prior to making a decision on the best product.

This is how:


In terms of strength, the most durable football mannequins should be able to withstand an avalanche of ferociously struck shots.

Just reflect on the numerous instances in which Cristiano Ronaldo struck the wall during a competitive game to illustrate how kind of force the mannequin will have to take in.

Aluminum is an excellent option due to its lightweight and rust-proof due to its absence of iron from its composition.

However, it is thought to be a superior material to create the design of the football mannequin as it is far more robust and is ideal for this particular scenario since the ball is likely to get stuck frequently against the building.


It is the size of the mannequin is an important aspect to keep in mind because they must be practical enough to meet the needs of the people that will be using them.

For example, there’s no point in purchasing a 6′ wide mannequin for players younger than 9 because they’re still in the early stages of their football growth and aren’t likely to hit the ball at a significant size or speed.

In this scenario, it is suggested that a mannequin with a height of around 4 feet is better suited since it will be much easier to strike the ball over the top point in the building and try to perfect the dipping technique.


Jurgen Klopp had a major role in the choice to change the color of Liverpool’s nets at Anfield.

The reason was that a white color could make the nets apparent to the players’ peripheral vision, and aid in scoring more goals. The team believed that the red hue wasn’t appealing enough to the eyes because fans in front of the goal would also wear the red hue of home.

Therefore, you’ll need a football mannequin set that comes in a fluorescent-colored contrast that is sufficiently bright to be seen with the naked eye even from far distances.

A majority of them utilize bright yellow because the color blends with green-colored grass surface very well.

Final thoughts

It isn’t necessary to look more beyond the FORZA Reinforced Mannequins because their construction quality, as well as their overall durability placed in grass, seem to be superior to other brands that are available.

The one thing that can turn off buyers is their high price point which is why it’s worth exploring the less expensive priced alternatives I’ve discussed.

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